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Train Tunnel ©Riedel-Grant-Goswick

In this effect I combined two old tricks from UF Grant, and Riedle, and gave it a new look and theme .
Three different colored blocks resembling a train are placed inside a previously shown empty tube. As the blocks emerge from the other end of the tube they are now in a different order. This can be repeated several times. At the end of the effect only two of the blocks are placed inside the tube and the remaining block is placed inside a handkerchief, then the handkerchief is quickly opened to show that the block has mysteriously vanished. At this point the blocks are dumped out of the tube showing that the missing block has now returned to the lineup.
You are supplied with one 20 1/2 inches long tube, 4 train blocks, 5 inches long each, and one 18 inch long stand to hold the blocks. A devils handkerchief or change bag is required for this effect (not included)
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