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Rice and Silk Market ©TimJ.Goswick

In this effect the magician removes two silk handkerchiefs from a wooden rod supported by a base. A wooden tube is now shown empty from both ends and placed over the wooden rod. The tube is filled with a large amount of rice and the silks are placed inside a handkerchief. The magician then quickly opens the handkerchief showing the audience that the silks has now magically changed into a large amount of rice. The tube is now removed from the rod and the silks are securely attached to the rod just as in the beginning. At this point the tube again can be shown empty from both ends.  The tube is beautifully decorated with a dragon on each side.
You are supplied with one 8 inch square tube, one rod attached to a base, and 4 silk handkerchiefs. A devils handkerchief is required for this effect (not included)
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