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One More Way


Goswick’s new 8.5 X 11 spirally bound book containing 16 new, original, copyrighted versions of classic effects.

  • 44 color photographs with diagrams and dimensions
  • 61 pages in all

Effects included in this book:

  • Haunted Truckers Toolbox Box©
  • Goswicks ABC Block©
  • Tubes of Stonehenge©
  • ESP Cups and Balls©
  • (Production) Dagger Livestock Vanish©
  • No Touch Coin Pail©
  • Billiard Ball Bucket©
  • See Through Buddha Tubes©
  • Rings of Saturn©
  • Peaches and Cream©
  • Puzzle of the Rabbit©
  • Close Up Puzzle of Rabbit©
  • Cups and Multiplying Balls©
  • ESP Einstein©
  • Houdini’s ESP©
  • Backward Chair Suspension©