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Goswick’s Head Cremation ©TimJ.Goswick

In this effect the magician removes the panel from the head box and shows it empty. An assistant from the audience now kneels down and places her head inside this box. Some fire is now dropped into the top of this box. The audience can see the flames shooting from the top. The flames are extinguished, and the front panel of the head box is now removed again. The head of the assistant has now magically changed into a skull. The entire head box is now lifted to the top of the outer box, apparently stretching the neck of the skull. The audience can see completely under the box. Two swords are now inserted from the back all the way to the front of the one larger box creating the perfect illusion that the head is indeed in the top compartment now changed to a skull. At this point the entire outfit can be rotated showing all sides to the audience. All is reversed, and all is well.
The top large box is 17 1/2 inches wide and 23 1/2 inches tall and is constructed of Masonite, the legs are 55 inches tall, the large outer box packs flat for traveling, and the legs can be removed as well. Also supplied with two aluminum swords. Your existing dovepan or fire pan is needed for this effect (not included).
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