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Dragon Tray and Chest ©TimJ.Goswick

In this effect a three sided screen designed in the image of a dragon, is shown empty and placed around a previously examined ball, a multicolored chain of silks is now produced from behind the screen completely filling the stage with color, these handkerchiefs are now placed inside a chest that allows a view of the silks through the circular openings in the front of the chest, the chest is quickly tipped over backwards now showing the inside of the chest to be completely empty, the silks have vanished, at this point a wooden sword is placed down through the previously mentioned openings proving that the silks have completely vanished.
You are supplied with one 16 inch tall three sided screen, one 20 inch long tray, one 12 x 13.5 wooden chest,  one wooden sword, and one plastic ball.
The chain of  silks are not included.
Not only is this a beautiful effect, the props are stunning in appearance.
Price $355 plus shipping. Sorry no overseas shipping.