Original Calendars

Download a free 2019 calendar featuring Original copyrighted tricks by Tim J. Goswick.

Download a free 2018 calendar featuring covers from several original magic books by Tim J. Goswick.


Download a free 2017 calendar featuring artwork depicting Tim J. Goswick.


Download a free 2016 calendar featuring artwork of Multiplying Balls.

Found in the book,  Lost Lecture Notes and also showcasing one of his many original arm amputation effects found in the book Lend Me a Hand.

Goswick 2016 Calendar

Download a free 2015 calendar featuring artwork of the Baghdad Blade.

Found in the book, Lend Me a Hand.


Download a free 2014 calendar featuring artwork of Goswick’s Indian Rope Trick.

Found in the book, Stage Size Rope Tricks.

2014 calendar

Download a free 2013 calendar featuring artwork of one of Goswick’s many floating lady effects!

2013 calendar